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Visa Assistance


  • Passports should be valid for 6 - 9 months from the date of travel.
  • Sufficient blank pages should be available on the passport.
  • Old passports (if any) to be attached along with the new passports.

NOTE: Passports issued prior to Yr. 2001 are not accepted by Schengen Consulates.

  • Covering letter on a personal / business letter-head (as applicable) or on a plain A4 size paper introducing himself / family and giving a clear description of his occupation / brief description of his business, complete contact details and the purpose of visit.


  • Hand written letter is not acceptable by Consulate - it must be typed.
  • Last 3 years Income Returns / Form 16.
  • Original bank statements / Passbooks updated for the past 6 months. Mentioning the valid telephone nos. and address of the bank is mandatory.
  • A copy of Fixed deposits, PPF account details, investments, share certificates (Demat account), record of ownership of property assets / flat deed. (If Embassy / Consulate demand these documents in ORIGINAL, the same must be provided). In case any of these documents are not in English they should be accompanied by a notarized translation. All the documents must be clear and legible.

Photo Specification

  • 4 Matt Finish & 2 Glossy finish recent colour photographs.
  • 35mm x 45mm white background only with contrasting clothes.
  • Matt finish for all Consulates except Swiss.
  • Glossy Finish in case of Swiss Consulate.
  • Face should cover 80% area of photograph without glasses with front profile.

For Businessman

  • If Director in a company:- Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • If Partnership company:- Partnership deed copy showing his name or if he is newly appointed then showing the same.
  • If Proprietor-Shops establishment & sales tax registration / letter from banker.
  • If Self Employed Proof of occupation e.g. working for L.I.C, freelancing etc. or some valid document showing proof of ownership.
  • Last 3 year I-tax returns (saral-2d) challans of the individual.

If Salaried

  • Original Leave letter from the employer mentioning the designation with leave dates and signed by a managerial cadre.
  • Last 3 months salary slips & 3 years Form-16 & 6 Month Balance Sheet.

For students / children traveling with parents

  • Proof of ID card / school calendar & Holiday list.
  • Confirmation from the school / college of their leave sanction or reasons for taking time off during the academic semester.

If the child is traveling with any one parent

  • NOC of the other parent in support of travel is required. Where only one parent has total custody and access rights, official evidence of this must be provided.
  • Father's proof of occupation in detail, 3 yrs I-tax papers, 6 months bank statements and proof of investments etc. to be provided.

For students / children traveling without parents

  • Written consent, no objection letter from both parents in support of travel providing the details with which the child is traveling and the purpose of visit.
  • Parents’ proof of occupation required in detail with 3 years I - tax papers and 6 months bank statements.
  • Notarized affidavit on Rs. 200 stamp paper duly signed by both parents stating that they have no objection to their minor child below 18 years traveling with their uncle / grand parents... etc. and guarantee their return back to India after the tour.
  • This should be accompanied by a copy of passport / bank document of both parents to confirm signatures. If absence of the above documents a letter, to be given on a Rs. 20 stamp paper duly signed by both parents and attested by notary public to confirm signatures.

For newly married couples traveling

  • Covering letter from each individual mentioning when they got engaged and date of marriage ceremony and purpose of visit.
  • The covering letter should be done on a business letterhead or as per specific categories mentioned above. NOC from the fiancee parents stating that they have no objection of her travel and that she will return to India after the tour. This should be accompanied by a copy of the passport of both parents to confirm signature.
  • Marriage card / engagement photographs.
  • Original marriage certificate to be legalized by home department.

For individual traveling alone

  • No objection consent letter in support of visit from spouse.
  • Husband's proof of occupation in detail, 3 yrs I-tax papers, 6 months bank statements, proof of investments etc.

For retired/senior citizens

  • A copy of Provident fund, fixed deposits, Pension statement, 6 months bank statements, income - tax returns if any, retirement letter.
  • Support documents of person whom he / she are dependent on.

For government employees

  • NOC from the concerned department mentioning the designation with leave dates, also name and designation of the person signing the sanction letter.
Last 3 months salary slips & 3 year Form - 16 & 6 Months Balance Sheet.
  • It is in your interest to support your application with as much documents as possible at the time you apply for the visa.
  • If the Embassy / Consulate demands additional documents, the same have to be furnished immediately.
  • UK and France biometrics does not allow any Marks, Cuts or/and Mehandi (Heena) on Fingers.
  • UK visas all documents need to be submitted in original at UK VFS.

Granting of Visa is entirely at the discretion of the consulates / authorities after submission of the relevant documents as asked for from time to time. Cannot influence the concerned consulates / authorities for getting visa's earlier or ensuring valid visa's are granted. Please co-operate with the Sales Staff and ensure that correct relevant documents are sought by the concerned consulates / authorities are provided on a timely basis to avoid any delay in obtaining the necessary visa’s for the tours.

  • All visa fees subject to change
  • White background photographs required for all visas
  • If you are traveling to any of these countries, no need to plan in advance as they offer visa on arrival to all Indian citizens.
  • Bhutan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Maldives
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

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