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Corporate Tour

A corporate meet in the Indian sub-continent is a great way to unite your team for a strategic goal while enjoying the outstanding hospitality and cultural experiences the region has to offer. Nomadic Holiday Services can help you create and execute a corporate meet that is fun, productive and memorable.
Whether you are planning an offsite board meeting, strategy brainstorm, sales incentive program or corporate hospitality program, we can help you organise a custom tour program tailored to your specific goals and objectives.
Our corporate tour services are comprehensive. We will help you identify the best destination in the sub-continent, the ideal hotel or resort, and suitable meeting places. We will help you plan your detailed itinerary and ensure that the right equipment and support services are available during your tour. If required we will also provide liaison services with local business and professionals.
We also have special experience in handling corporate incentive tours for employees and business partners. We will work with you to meet specific budgets while creating an experience that is memorable and rewarding.
Our team will take care of all logistics including bookings, meals, airport transfers, local transportation and guides. Importantly, during the course of your tour, our team will be on standby should any exigency arise or if you need other assistance.
For accompanying spouses and family, we can organise entertainment activities, shopping or sight-seeing visits.
With over three decades of experience arranging quality tours in the Indian sub-continent, Nomadic Holiday Services has unbeatable knowledge of the region. You can be assured we will make the best resources and services available to make your corporate tour a roaring success.
Theme Events
Theme Event parties for domestic and international locations.
Medical Tourism
This is an Industry with billions of dollars annual turnover and also called as Health Tourism too. Travelling from one place to another or one country to another, in search of an affordable and good medical treatment is the simplest definition for the term “Medical Tourism”. Yester years witnessed people travelling from developing countries in search of specialized treatments that were not available in their countries, to the developed countries, paying a very high cost. It was only affordable for the Rich. The Trend was reversed, when the developing countries started providing high class Super Specialty Facilities at an affordable and reasonable cost. People from developed west and oil rich middle-East and many neighbouring countries too, travel to India for its best medical facilities. India is expected to record a 30% growth in this segment of tourism in 2015.